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Low Cost ASP Hosting     
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Low cost Windows 2000 hosting starting at only $12.95 per month with full support for ASP, ColdFusion, Java, Email, Perl, CGI and more.... - Web Hosting     
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SecureWebs operates mission critical dedicated Windows 2003 servers and managed shared hosting accounts. We employ a devoted tech support team with years of expertise to provide the best technical support possible. Our services also include WebBoard, ChatSpace, SQL, eCommerce catalogs, Mailing Lists, Newsletter Manager and much more.... - Web Hosting     
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Netcetera has provided its clients with excellence in hosting since 1996 and has helped individuals and companies of all sizes grow and compete in over 40 countries worldwide...... - Web Hosting     
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We are a Irish based website hosting provider and have been providing web hosting solutions since 2000.
All servers are based in Ireland. We have multiple redundant connections to leading tier-1 providers.
Our hosting plans offer carrier class Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus protection for your peace of mind....

Free WAP Hosting Providers     
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Here is a list of FREE ASP and WAP hosting providers.These services are easy to use....     
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ASP & ASP.NET Hosting. 30 Day Free Trial. Performance Guarantee. 24 Hour Support. Microsoft Certified Partner. We are serious about ASP hosting. We are serious about customer service!...

.NET Projects: forums and news   Price: $3.95  
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Open forums for .NET developers about C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, BCL, CLR, .NET hosting and much more. Users can add their own news and advertise their site/software for free!...

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Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: is a complete resource and guide to web hosting on the Internet. Are you looking for a reliable web hosting provider? We can help you with our database containing a total of 5381 web hosting packages from 1783 different hosting companies along with 1086 reviews written by actual users like you....

Eno Technologies - Web Hosting     
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ASP.NET / SQL hosting - ideal for developers. 3 great plans to choose from. Check out our features....

Web Hosting - Finest     
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Since 1996 has been providing the best value and features you will find and expect from a web hosting company. Sign up now and we will have you up and running within an hour or less! Plus take 50% Off your first 3 Months of Web Hosting....

Oscura Ltd UK - Web Hosting Providers     
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Oscura provide a full range of hosting packages including full support for the ASP.NET Framework....

Total Hits: 440  |  Today: 0Author: Michele Piscopo      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: is a provider of web hosting services and web business solutions. Through our experience, customer support and problem solving capability, we offer innovative and profitable solutions. Hosting plans starting at 3$ / month....

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centron, a Microsoft Registered Web Presence Provider, is announcing full support for ASP.NET Final Release on their servers. Starting at Euro 9.90/mo. the ASP.NET enabled Hosting Planes comes with up to 400 MB of disk space, 15 GB of bandwidth transfer, 100 POP3 Mail accounts. Many more features like SQL Server Database are optional. $9.90...

Applied Innovations     
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Applied Innovations specializes in Windows 2000 webhosting with emphasis on FrontPage, ASP,, PHP, PERL, Sharepoint, Sharepoint team services, FrontPage 2000, FrontPage 2002. See why over 2800 developers in 50 countries choose us. Plans from $14.95/month...

ASP.NET Hosting with ActiveHost     
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ActiveHost has offered feature-rich hosting solutions coupled with personalized and professional technical support since 1996. We attribute our success to our outstanding reputation for providing amazing customer support at a reasonable price! Being a Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Web Presence Provider we fully support all Microsoft e-business technologies. ASP.NET AuthentiX, ASPMail, BrowserHawk, SA-FileUp, 50+ components, and more.

ASP.NET Hosting with Alentus     
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Alentus is proud to be one of the first web hosting companies to offer ASP.NET hosting support in a live production environment. We have been working with the Microsoft ASP.NET Framework SDK since it was first released, and we will be offering full support for ASP.NET as production releases are available from Microsoft.
Setup an Account Today: If you wish to setup an ASP.NET hosting account right now, you can do so on our ASP.NET Server, which is running the .....

Secure Domains web hosting     
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Secure Domains offers the Windows 2000 platform which allows you to use powerful tools like Microsoft® Access, SQL 7.0, Active Server Pages, FrontPage 2000,Visual Interdev, Index Server, We also use great third party tools like Imail, Media House Real-time stats,Web Board,... .NET Hosting     
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Eraserver (pronounced ^air-uh-sir-ver) offers public hosting accounts for .NET webs starting at as little as $9.95 per month. The system runs Microsoft's IIS 5.0 on Windows 2000 Advanced Server and provides support for SQL Server 2000....

Definitive Hosting     
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Feature packed Windows 2000 web hosting. 30 day no risk money back guarantee, 24/7 responsive support, ASP,
Access databases, SQL Server, Cold Fusion, Frontpage, all the standard features plus a whole lot more....

MaximumASP: A single plan, a single solution.     
Total Hits: 429  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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MaximumASP's VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a unique web hosting platform designed specifically for serious Microsoft developers. We offer a locked-down server partitioning system that allows our customers to receive dedicated-level performance and stability at a price you can afford. This means no more server crashes due to someone else's bad script, no more searching for a host that allows custom COM objects, no more hosting headaches. Combine this with access to all of Microsoft's .....

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