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Builder Design Pattern Implementation in C# and VB.NET     
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The Builder pattern allows a client object to construct a complex object by specifying only its type and content. The client is shielded from the details of the object’s construction....

Overloading strings in C#     
Total Hits: 1191  |  Today: 0Author: Michael Gold      Rating:  
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Today I realized that I miss those Visual Basic/Visual C++ type operators. You know the ones: Left, Mid, Right. I'm so used to using them, that I decided to override the string class. Simple enough, right? I just inherit from the System.String and then I get all the nice string methods, plus my own: Left, Mid, and Right. The problem, though, is that the System.String class is sealed. You can't inherit from it. So now what? Must I give up the dream of using those fine old methods?...

C# I/O and Networking     
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Arguably, the reason that Java has become so popular as a programming language is because of the way it has abstracted away the difficulties in performing input/output and networking operations. C# has taken the same approach and has provided libraries that hide these complications. The previous two articles in this series have focused around the different language structures that a Java programmer needs to know to build simple C# programs; this article is going to focus on a few C# namespaces d...

ASCX Control Parser     
Total Hits: 598  |  Today: 0Author: Ben van Klinken      Rating:  
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Have you ever wanted to turn a .ASCX file into a distributable control? This program generates the source code for an .ASCX file so that you can compile it without having to distribute the .ASCX file. It comes close to simulating how the Page.LoadControl ("asdf.ascx") works....

Programming Outlook with C#     
Total Hits: 1761  |  Today: 0Author: Rodger Brennan      Rating:  
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This article will take a look at different approaches to working with Outlook folders, and walk through creating items in Outlook with C#. Microsoft Office provides a powerful component model to automate from another program and using COM Interop you can automate Outlook from a .NET application....

Clipboard handling with .NET     
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The clipboard is where your data is stored when you copy or cut some text or an image or a file or a folder. The clipboard is common across processes, which means we can use the clipboard as a mechanism to transfer data between two processes. Win32 gave us a Clipboard API with functions like OpenClipboard and GetClipboardData which most of you might be familiar with. In .NET Microsoft has encapsulated the functionality of most of these functions into some classes. The most prominent of these cla...

Web Browser in C# and VB.NET     
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There are many questions on discussion forums about creating a web browser or using existing web browser activeX control in C# or VB.NET. This article explains how to add and web browser activeX to your project to developer your own customized web browser....

HOW TO: Compute and Compare Hash Values Using C# .NET (Q307020)     
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The System.Security.Cryptography classes in the Microsoft .NET Framework make it easy to compute a hash value for your source data. This article shows how to obtain a hash value and how to compare two hash values to check whether they are identical....

HOW TO: Wait for a Shelled Application to Finish Using C# (Q305369)     
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This article demonstrates how to use the .NET Framework Process class to start another application from your code and have the code wait for the other application to close before it continues....

Boxing And Unboxing C#     
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Boxing and unboxing is a essential concept in C#'s type system. With Boxing and unboxing one can link between value-types and reference-types by allowing any value of a value-type to be converted to and from type object. Boxing and unboxing enables a unified view of the type system wherein a value of any type can ultimately be treated as an object....

Interface Componenet Interoperability     
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The fundamental concept behind both COM and DCOM is the interface. An interface is an agreement between a client and an object about how they will communicate with each other. When we define interfaces in language s other than Visual Basic, we have to use Microsoft's Interface Definition Language (IDL), which we must compile within the Microsoft Interface Definition Language Compiler (MIDL)....

.NET Has XML on Its Menu     
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Microsoft's .NET framework allows you to work with XML documents in a variety of ways. XML Magazine's Dan Wahlin talks about how, with the help of C#, you can leverage this asset to create a handy hierarchical menu....

Leveraging VB.Net Base Classes     
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Multiple language implementation has an inherited powerful advantages. The .Net unify class architecture model allows .Net languages to leverage class libraries implemented in other class libraries. This article shows you how to leverage the power of VB.Net Financial base class library using C#....

Working with Data Types in C#     
Total Hits: 633  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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First thing a programmer looks for is what kind of data types a programming languages has and how to use them. In this part, you will cover C# data types and how to use them in a program....

Mixing C and C++ Exceptions     
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If you want to write more portable code, using structured exception handling in a C++ program is not recommended. However, you may sometimes want to mix C and C++ source code, and need some facility for handling both kinds of exceptions. Because a structured exception handler has no concept of objects or typed exceptions, it cannot handle exceptions thrown by C++ code; however, C++ catch handlers can handle C exceptions. As such, C++ exception handling syntax (try, throw, catch) is not acce.....

Sharp New Language: C# Offers the Power of C++ and Simplicity of Visual Basic     
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Many developers wish there was a language that was easy to write, read, and maintain like Visual Basic, but that still provided the power and flexibility of C++. For those developers, the new C# language is here. Microsoft has built C# with type-safety, garbage collection, simplified type declarations, versioning and scalability support, and lots of other features that make developing solutions faster and easier, especially for COM+ and Web Services. This article gives you a first look at C.....

C# Introduction     
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According to Microsoft (MS) C# is, "C# is a simple, modern, object oriented, and type-safe programming language derived from C and C++. C# (pronounced “C sharp”) is firmly planted in the C and C++ family tree of languages, and will immediately be familiar to C and C++ programmers. C# aims to combine the high productivity of Visual Basic and the raw power of C++."...

Regular Expression Sample     
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The following example shows the use of Regular Expresssions in C#.This program has basic validation scripts for validation easily useable in all programs....

How To Learn C#: A Roadmap to Success in Getting Started with C# Programming     
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So you are interested in programming in C# (pronounced "C Sharp"). Getting started with a new programming language can normally take some effort and time. You need instructions, tools, and good examples to help you get started. In this article, I'll do just that, giving you tips and pointing you in the right direction....

.NET/COM Interop     
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This article will walk you through a contrived example of calling a VB6 COM object from a .NET console application written in C#....

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