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MonoDroid (Part 1): Installation  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 14  |  Today: 0Author: rudigrobler      Rating:  
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Since the last couple of days, I have been playing with Android devices and started looking into development options. I personally do not like Java development, so what’s left? Introducing MonoDroid:

“MonoDroid is a development stack for using C# and core .NET APIs to develop Android-based applications.”...

Extending Visual Studio Setup Project  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 5  |  Today: 0Author: Shai Raiten      Rating:  
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One of the things I hear all the time when companies talks for building reliable Windows Installer (MSI) for their product is –> Visual Studio Setup Project is not enough and we need much much more, my first response is – Wait, VS Setup project is not like Advanced Installer, InstallShield but still can do a lot more outside the box....

Click Once Deployment Technique     
Total Hits: 82  |  Today: 0Author: Robin_Roy      Rating:  
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Deployment of Windows Application has always been not so easy task. We had to create Deployment Project, ship it via some media and then it has to be installed to make the application available to use. Also maintaining or managing updates and patches were even more challenging. ClickOnce technology introduced with .NET Framework 2.0 takes care of all the challenges of conventional Windows Application Deployment Issues. Let us get into the core of it....

Developing and Deploying Pocket PC Setup Applications     
Total Hits: 77  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft - Compact Framework      Rating:  
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The following are key points when developing and deploying Pocket PC applications:

* Pocket PC devices have different processors (ARM, SH3, MIPS, etc.).
* Applications are deployed using cabinet (.cab) files.
* Each processor type requires a different .cab file.
* The Cab Wizard (cabwiz.exe) generates processor-specific .cab files.
* The WinCE Application Manager deploys and installs .cab files on Pocket PC devices from the desktop....

Dynamic UI creation: Extend R2build: add new tool support, create plugin config     
Total Hits: 48  |  Today: 0Author: r2build      Rating:  
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R2build is a tool/Framework for desktop application developers to establish your daily build (or nightly build, or build automation, or continuous integration system) in a very easy manner. It includes, but is not limited to, plug-ins for VB/VC++/.NET/Delphi/Ant/Nant/C++ Builder, email notification, FTP, various Installer packaging tools, and various source control tools such as vss, clearcase, cvs, perfoce…....

Interact With Desktop when Installing Windows Service     
Total Hits: 69  |  Today: 0Author: Robert H. Davis II      Rating:  
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I have written many windows services and it always bothered me and my colleagues that the ServiceInstaller class used to install to install Windows services does not give you the ability to set the "Allow Interact with Desktop" attribute for the service. I am assuming that Microsoft left this out for a reason, overlooked it, or is planning it for future releases. As the framework stands now, if you need desktop interaction, you have to either code the service setting into your installation progr...

Invoke another MSI from an MSI     
Total Hits: 69  |  Today: 0Author: A. Kwan      Rating:  
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I was looking for a way to solve the problem of Windows’ concurrent (nested) installations as described in the URL: My goal is to wrap an MSI based InstallShield EXE or MSI within the Visual Studio Windows Installer Project. I was able to find some useful tips online, and I have converged the information and found a solution described below. I also found Arnaldo Sandoval's "Installer Class and Custom Actions" article very helpful (URL...

Configuring Plastic SCM database backend     
Total Hits: 70  |  Today: 0Author: parallelcoder      Rating:  
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Plastic SCM is a new generation version control tool. It seems to be entirely written in .NET/Mono and it provides many interesting features for both Linux and Windows developers (needless to say how good it is for multiplatform environments).

But today I won't be talking about version control issues but how to configure the Plastic database backends....

How to create installation patches for VS.NET deployment projects     
Total Hits: 112  |  Today: 0Author: mjmeans      Rating:  
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I found myself wondering how to create patches for my application. I looked at several third-party tools like Wise and InstallShield and some freeware installers and found that they were all overkill for what I needed. My distribution needs were simple, but my projects were large. I clearly needed a way to easily create patches. The VS.NET deployment project is very easy to use, much easier than working with the Windows Installer SDK directly. This ease of use comes at a cost; VS.NET deployment ...

Modifying Web.Config During Installation     
Total Hits: 61  |  Today: 0Author: Amal ElHosseiny      Rating:  
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This application illustrates an installer that changes the values in a webservice's web.config file during setup, according to user entry. The application changes values of key values in the web.config file....

Creating an installer using Wix v3.0, Votive, and Visual Studio 2005/2008     
Total Hits: 54  |  Today: 0Author: duncanmhor      Rating:  
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Wix is the Windows Installer XML, an open source project under the Common Public License. In essence, it is a toolset that builds Windows installation packages from XML files. The current stable version is v2, but version 3 is eminently usable. Version three does suffer from a lack of documentation, frequently forcing the user to search for help. Votive is a plug-in for Wix that integrates the Wix project type with Visual studio, allowing you to work entirely within the IDE when building your in...

The NAR loader - single file .NET deployment     
Total Hits: 84  |  Today: 0Author: Richard Prinz      Rating:  
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Maybe, some of you know the concept of JAR archives from Java. A lot of things from Java have found their way to the .NET world. Having the same functionality for .NET would be a nice feature. Since .NET 2, Microsoft has included some very interesting features in the CLR and the framework. These features make it possible to create the functionality needed to handle archives for .NET - called NAR archives. NAR archives are ordinary ZIP files containing an (optional) XML manifest file - which info...

.NET Framework 1.1 Installer for Innosetup     
Total Hits: 63  |  Today: 0Author: Ted Ehrich      Rating:  
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Here is an Innosetup script I wrote that installs the dotnet framework. It's pretty intuitive I think. I couldn't find any extensive ones when I was searching and working on it, so I thought I'd post it. It detects if the following are installed, and then downloads from Microsoft (if they aren't in a root \dependencies folder already) and installs them for the user without prompting them. IE 6 prompts for a download location (this could be changed to a total quiet install, but there would be a l...

Installing .NET Framework 2.0 Applications with InstallShield     
Total Hits: 76  |  Today: 0Author: Will Stott      Rating:  
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This article describes my attempts at deploying a .NET Framework 2.0 application using InstallShield X. I'm not really happy with the outcome, but hopefully it will help someone understand the issues and perhaps pave the way for something better....

Uninstall a Previous Application Installation When Upgrading an Application with Setups Created in VS.NET - Part 2     
Total Hits: 81  |  Today: 0Author: rwestgraham      Rating:  
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This is the second part of a two part article. This article assumes you have read and understood the techniques and concepts described in Part 1. In the previous article you saw how properly defining an UpgradeCode could be used to upgrade an existing application while preserving legacy files if needed. We also saw in the previous article that an upgrade does not work if you change the per-machine or per-user level between setups. We will look at one of several possible solutions to this potenti...

Install a Service using a Script     
Total Hits: 72  |  Today: 0Author: gtamir      Rating:  
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Many believe that an MSI install file is the only way to install a Windows service. In truth, using an MSI is only one of several ways to install a Windows service. This article will explain how to perform a scripted install of a Windows service. In addition to explaining how to install a service using a script, this article will also explain how to install multiple instances of the same assembly as multiple Windows services....

A Setup and Deployment project that passes parameters to the configuration file     
Total Hits: 87  |  Today: 0Author: Adi Eduard      Rating:  
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I am a struggling young software developer, and I often find myself surfing the web in search of various solutions for various problems, and CodeProject seems to be there for me most of the times. This time I encountered another problem: I wanted to create a setup and deployment project which passes arguments during installation time from the user to the configuration file of my application. It took me a while but I managed to find a way to make it work....

Visual Studio "Whidbey" Installation Issues     
Total Hits: 66  |  Today: 0Author: Anand Narayanaswamy      Rating:  
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This article covers some common problems that may occur after the installation of Visual Studio.NET "Whidbey" and how to overcome them. Microsoft has released the alpha version of Visual Studio “Whidbey” in October 2003 at the PDC. Even though there will be feature changes in the upcoming betas, many developers have installed the development environment. At present, Whidbey is available only for alpha testers, PDC attendees and MSDN Universal Subscribers....

Using managed code to detect what .NET Framework versions and service packs are installed     
Total Hits: 41  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Dorman      Rating:  
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Developers are increasingly faced with the possibility of multiple .NET Framework versions being installed on the same machine. The .NET architecture was designed to allow multiple versions of a component to be installed and run at the same time on a single system and this side-by-side deployment extends to the .NET Framework itself. By allowing multiple versions of the .NET Framework to be installed on the same computer, applications built with version 1.0 of the .NET Framework can run using th...

CodeSnip: Modifying Web.config file during installation     
Total Hits: 160  |  Today: 0Author: Amal ElHosseiny      Rating:  
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This application illustrates an installer that changes the values in a webservice's web.config file during setup, according to user entry. The application changes values of key values in the web.config file....

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