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Enabling Remote Access for users in LCS 2005 - The initial installation  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 29  |  Today: 0Author: Jayash      Rating:  
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We'll take a few moments to understand the process of remote user access...

When a user logs on from a remote location, he will go through am initial screening process before physically entering the secure realm of the LCS.

What I call the "secure realm" of your LCS is basically the part of the system that is sufficient in order to enable LOCAL user access. The rest of the system deals with security and availability....

NUKEleus - A DotNetNuke Installation Program     
Total Hits: 62  |  Today: 0Author: Todd Davis      Rating:  
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I'm a DotNetNuke(DNN) evangelist. Many a late night has been spent coding new modules, building skins, and not-so-patiently waiting for the next version to arrive. If I have any complaints about DNN, it is about the fact that DNN has a constant "under construction" sign on its door. It is never really quite finished, because as soon as one release comes out, some newer, cooler technology comes down the road, and off goes the core team to integrate it and bring it to the grateful minions. So can ...

Sandcastle CHM-compile BAT script and configuration utility     
Total Hits: 64  |  Today: 0Author: Ashley van Gerven      Rating:  
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Sandcastle is Microsoft's new tool for generating MSDN-style documentation from your .NET assemblies and in-code XML comments. More info here^. On 29 July 2006, they released the CTP, and the blog soon followed up with an 11-step manual process to generate the CHM file using their test class. It seemed easy enough to create a BAT script to accomplish all this automatically, however, there were a few issues that made this non-trivial. I've come up with a BAT script to automate this process, as we...

Deploying CAB Files Using ClickOnce Deployment     
Total Hits: 97  |  Today: 0Author: DigiOz Multimedia      Rating:  
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The purpose of this Article is to demonstrate how to modify a ClickOnce Deployment Application Manifest to include CAB and other resource files normally not permitted through ClickOnce....

Asynchronous Setup Grid     
Total Hits: 64  |  Today: 0Author: BabakAnsari      Rating:  
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If there is a need for a setup component that can read an XML setting file (SetupScripts.xml) and run methods or scripts defined in it asynchronously, then this Setup Grid component is what you are looking for. To use this component, the methods in an assembly, a batch file, or a path to a T-SQL file can be defined in SetupScripts.xml and we can call StartSetup() to execute them asynchronously. That means, when the setup is in progress, other operations are not suspended....

How to Install VSCMDShell in Visual Studio 2005     
Total Hits: 85  |  Today: 0Author: harryteck      Rating:  
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In my ambition to use this tool, I wanted to share the necessary steps I took to install the Visual Studio 2005 command line tool add-in created by Josh Ledgard from Microsoft. This tool is one of many that helps developers do their job from one workspace, namely Visual Studio. The download comes with both 2003 and 2005 command-line projects, but this article addresses only 2005. Hopefully your install goes well with the steps I offer in my article....

Add an uninstall start menu item to your .NET deployment project     
Total Hits: 85  |  Today: 0Author: mjmeans      Rating:  
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It's super easy to add this to your deployment project.

1. Select your deployment project and go to the file system editor, user programs menu.
2. Add an additional shortcut to your primary output project and name it Uninstall Application.
3. Set the Arguments property to /u=[ProductCode].
4. Add the following code to your project's Main() sub or startup form's New() sub just before the call to InitializeComponent()....

Easy Installer     
Total Hits: 61  |  Today: 0Author: Abu Mami      Rating:  
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I needed a simple install program for a Shareware/Fairware program of mine, but I just couldn't find anything suitable for my needs. I wanted a reasonably automatic creation of an installation executable, but I didn't want to spend hours learning scripts or complicated setups. After a protracted search, I found a couple of nice programs that created SFX files (self extracting executables), but I either had trouble compiling them, or they just didn't behave the way that I wanted....

Deploying the .NET Framework and MDAC     
Total Hits: 118  |  Today: 0Author: Dwight Johnson      Rating:  
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I had never before attempted to create a deployment project in Visual Studio. So, of course, the first time I was asked to do so, I also had to deploy the .Net Framework and MDAC as well! Why should my life be easy? Everyone has used Windows Installer at one time or another; it is how almost all Windows-based programs are installed today. You have used it if you ever added or removed a program in the "Add/Remove Programs" section of Control Panel. If you double-click on a file with the extension...

An Advanced Windows Hotfix Manager     
Total Hits: 82  |  Today: 0Author: Michael Dunn      Rating:  
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In September, 2001, Microsoft released a tool called Hfnetchk that checks NT 4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP systems and generates a report of which hotfixes need to be installed. While this is a great idea, the tool is a console-mode program and only prints out a list of Knowledge Base article numbers; it doesn't list URLs or take you to the Knowledge Base articles about the hotfixes....

An Intelligent .NET Multilanguage Installer     
Total Hits: 70  |  Today: 0Author: Elmue      Rating:  
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This project is based on my Cabinet Library CabLib which is also published with source code on The Code Project.

The original purpose was to create an Installer or Setup which installs an ASPX server consisting of 3000 files. But obviously you can use this Installer to install any software package.

The installation files consist of only a tiny EXE file (the installer) and a CAB file which contains all files of the software package....

Launching Your Application After Install using Visual Studio 2005     
Total Hits: 76  |  Today: 0Author: Bill Daugherty II      Rating:  
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Creating an install MSI file is rather simple; however there is very little documentation about it, or it's choppy and sometimes too wordy. Well, the point of this article is to show you how to create the installer application, and how to make it launch your application after it has finished installing....

A ServiceInstaller Extension That Enables Recovery and Autostart Configuration     
Total Hits: 72  |  Today: 0Author: Neil Baliga      Rating:  
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I'd like to begin by providing a brief background of services and their capabilities to put the forthcoming solution into context. Windows services are a feature of NT operating systems such as NT 4, Windows 2000 and XP. Services are not available on legacy "desktop" operating systems such as Windows 95, 98, and the short lived Me. They are analogous to the daemon processes that run on UNIX servers and workstations....

A Self-extracting Installer     
Total Hits: 57  |  Today: 0Author: Stefan Kuhr      Rating:  
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I recently ran into a problem where I required a self-extracting installer that would allow customers to download one single huge file in order for them to choose from a variety of setups or associated documents, like readme files or release notes. Consider a company that ships a product suite that is made up of different components like a server installation, a client installation, an administrative installation, and a command line tools installation. If each of those components has a separate ...

Installing .NET Framework 2.0 Applications with InstallShield     
Total Hits: 82  |  Today: 0Author: Will Stott      Rating:  
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This article describes my attempts at deploying a .NET Framework 2.0 application using InstallShield X. I'm not really happy with the outcome, but hopefully it will help someone understand the issues and perhaps pave the way for something better....

Uninstall a Previous Application Installation When Upgrading an Application with Setups Created in VS.NET - Part 2     
Total Hits: 87  |  Today: 0Author: rwestgraham      Rating:  
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This is the second part of a two part article. This article assumes you have read and understood the techniques and concepts described in Part 1. In the previous article you saw how properly defining an UpgradeCode could be used to upgrade an existing application while preserving legacy files if needed. We also saw in the previous article that an upgrade does not work if you change the per-machine or per-user level between setups. We will look at one of several possible solutions to this potenti...

Install a Service using a Script     
Total Hits: 79  |  Today: 0Author: gtamir      Rating:  
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Many believe that an MSI install file is the only way to install a Windows service. In truth, using an MSI is only one of several ways to install a Windows service. This article will explain how to perform a scripted install of a Windows service. In addition to explaining how to install a service using a script, this article will also explain how to install multiple instances of the same assembly as multiple Windows services....

A Setup and Deployment project that passes parameters to the configuration file     
Total Hits: 93  |  Today: 0Author: Adi Eduard      Rating:  
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I am a struggling young software developer, and I often find myself surfing the web in search of various solutions for various problems, and CodeProject seems to be there for me most of the times. This time I encountered another problem: I wanted to create a setup and deployment project which passes arguments during installation time from the user to the configuration file of my application. It took me a while but I managed to find a way to make it work....

Visual Studio "Whidbey" Installation Issues     
Total Hits: 76  |  Today: 0Author: Anand Narayanaswamy      Rating:  
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This article covers some common problems that may occur after the installation of Visual Studio.NET "Whidbey" and how to overcome them. Microsoft has released the alpha version of Visual Studio “Whidbey” in October 2003 at the PDC. Even though there will be feature changes in the upcoming betas, many developers have installed the development environment. At present, Whidbey is available only for alpha testers, PDC attendees and MSDN Universal Subscribers....

CodeSnip: Modifying Web.config file during installation     
Total Hits: 171  |  Today: 0Author: Amal ElHosseiny      Rating:  
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This application illustrates an installer that changes the values in a webservice's web.config file during setup, according to user entry. The application changes values of key values in the web.config file....

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