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TeboScreen  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 42  |  Today: 0Author: Nikhil Kumar      Rating:  
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I have seen many times that we used CTRL+PRINT+SCREEN buttons to capture an image and after capturing the image we paste this in MS Paint and cut the area which is required but it's a big process do to and some times this is not a good solution....

Test Harness Design Patterns     
Total Hits: 63  |  Today: 0Author: James McCaffrey and James Newkirk      Rating:  
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The Microsoft® .NET Framework provides you with many ways to write software test automation. But in conversations with my colleagues I discovered that most engineers tend to use only one or two of the many fundamental test harness design patterns available to them. Most often this is true because many developers and testers simply aren't aware that there are more possibilities. Furthermore I discovered that there is some confusion and debate about when to use a lightweight test harness and when ...

Context-Sensitive PictureBox Controls     
Total Hits: 46  |  Today: 0Author: Dino Esposito      Rating:  
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Great ideas are timeless. A long time ago in Microsoft Systems Journal Paul DiLascia demonstrated a neat trick to display context-sensitive tooltips floating over pictures. As the user moved the mouse over the picture, the tooltip control updated its text to reflect the name of the pointed figure.
How can a tooltip control be smart enough to support a non-rectangular area that, for example, precisely follows the natural shape of a human figure in a painting? Hot spots in images are nothing ne...

Create Graphs, Send E-Mail, Spell-Check, and More     
Total Hits: 234  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Mitchell      Rating:  
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As developers, we work with raw data on a daily basis, be it XML, the results from a SQL query, or information in a text file. However, most people are not as proficient with raw information. A well-designed and well-placed chart can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to understand the data in a report, especially when studying long-term trends or patterns.
The Microsoft® .NET Framework provides a variety of techniques that enable developers to programmatically create charts, but writin...

Autoscaling Graph Control     
Total Hits: 330  |  Today: 0Author: thebeekeeper      Rating:  
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I write a lot of programs that take data in from outside sources, like lab equipments and other junk. I've always wanted a simple graph control that will display the data I'm reading, so that I can tell, while the code is running, whether or not something has gone wrong. One part of what makes this tough is making the data fit into the graph window. So, I figured out how to use the Matrix class to do the auto-scaling for me!This article is more of a tutorial on using Matrix transformations, and ...  Version: 1.3.1     Price: $59.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 397  |  Today: 0Author: drowsy      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: is a powerful forum package written by ASP.NET c#,support Access2000 & MS SQL Server 2000 & MySql 4.0.Full source code included....

ABCpdf.NET  Version: 3.1     Price: $249.00  
Total Hits: 378  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Use ABCpdf .NET to dynamically create Adobe PDF documents from ASP.NET or .NET. Add text, images and graphics. Designed for a combination of maximum power and ease of use it goes Direct to PDF for blazing speed....

Graphics Server .NET  Version: 1.0     Price: $899.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 349  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Graphics Server .NET provides a comprehensive, flexible solution for adding a wide variety of graphs and charts to Windows applications. 2D and 3D graph types include bar, pie, line, area, radar, scatter, high-low-close, doughnut, surface, gantt, pareto and bubble graphs. Extensive built-in statistical and error bar features can be quickly implemented. Other advanced features include drilldown capabilities, mouse events, and extensive object customization, including colors and gradients. Imag...

Rebex ImageGallery.NET  Version: 1.2     Price: $29.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 317  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: 

Gallery.NET is an instant solution for displaying images on your website. Auto-generated thumbnails and a paging support saves your time greatly. A visual appearance is fully customizable via css and templates. A full design-time support for Visual Studio.NET makes it extremely easy to use....

.NET Image Utility/EXiF parser  Version: 1.0     Price: $39.00  
Total Hits: 465  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: 

ImageUtil is a powerful imaging utility designed to parse EXiF meta tags(camera model, make, ISO, etc) in digital images. ImageUtil also provides you with powerful methods for resizing images and integrates easilly into any .NET project( too...

.netCHARTING Enterprise Edition  Version: 1.0     Price: $195.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 262  |  Today: 0Author: .netCHARTING Team      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: 

.netCHARTING seamlessly integrates database access, data aggregation and date handling with dynamic chart rendering. This unique combination of features provides immediate access to your existing data with stunning visuals for all major chart types....

Scarlet Chart Component  Version: 1.2     Price: $25.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 428  |  Today: 0Author: Scarlet Solutions      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: 

Create horizontal and vertical bar charts and pie charts using the simple easy to integrate control.Scalable vertical/horizontal bar charts and pie charts.Builds on any SQL query.Output is jpeg image of graph.Easy to integrate with any ASP.NET application...

Chart Server Control And Component  Version: 1.0     Price: Free  
Total Hits: 1754  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: 

This Server Control Creats A Chart By Taking Data From Database. Various Charts Can Be Created Like Vertical Chart, Horizontal Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart....

SimpleChart  Version: 2.0     Price: $129.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 676  |  Today: 0Author: Imagio Technology      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: 

Create bar charts, line charts and pie charts with these easy to use ActiveX charting components. Includes web server license and comprehensive help file with sample code covering everything from Visual Basic 6 to C# and ASP.NET....

NCTPhotoStudio.Net  Version: 1.3     Price: $199.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 146  |  Today: 0Author: NCT Company      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: 

NCTPhotoStudio.Net is a pure .Net class library which implements most important image processing features. You can import and export image files, apply conversion between different formats, apply more than 100 color adjustments, effects, filters and transforms to the image, use different color spaces, get various image histograms and more. NCTPhotoStudio.Net successfully integrates with standard .Net framework....

Image Authenticator  Version: 1.0     Price: $295.00  
Total Hits: 207  |  Today: 0Author: Silk Webware      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: 

Use Image Authenticator to control access to your image files using authentication or your own custom authentication. Images within a ASP.NET application are not access protected. Image Authenticator integrates with WINDOWS, FORMS, PASSPORT or your own authentication solution to control access to image files. Images can be stored locally, within the local network (using UNC) or within an intranet or internet web site (using HTTP). Using Image Authenticator is as simple as dragging the We...

Image Canvas  Version: 1.0     Price: $295.00  
Total Hits: 222  |  Today: 0Author: Silk Webware      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: 

Image Canvas is a real time image server webcontrol (Server Control). Image Canvas is like the standard aspx image webcontrol with an additional image property. Using Image Canvas is as simple as dragging it from the toolbox onto your (aspx) web form and then setting its Image and output format properties. On-The-Fly images are sent from the server control in a number of common formats including JPEG, PNG and BMP. Image Canvas renders HTML for all common web browsers including Netscape, Opera a...

Total Hits: 1216  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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A graphics library for creating visual presenatation of your data using various statistical charts like bar graph, pie chart, area chart, etc....

HanengCharts 2.0     
Total Hits: 1828  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: 

HanengCharts lets you easily add customized, interactive charts to your website, intranet or web application without components or plug-ins. 8 different chart types are available including pie, line and bar charts. Combined with ASP, JSP, CGI, Perl, Cold Fusion or PHP you can turn live data from e.g. a database into colorful charts. 30-day fully functional trial available....

Total Hits: 822  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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This software provides the core logic for a message board application. While ActiveDataOnline.Forums.dll is the business layer component of Active Data Online's WebForum application, it can be acquired separately and used with other components to create a different, more customised message board. ActiveDataOnline.Forums.dll exposes a range of classes and methods that any novice or intermediate programmer can use. This component is ideal for those wanting to create their own ASP.NET or WinFo.....

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