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Can I Upload my Database?     
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Hi All,I have a database in MS-Access. Can I upload my databse into any Internet server and access (Adding, Modifying, Deleting Records) from my computer? How can I do?...

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This software provides the core logic for a message board application. While ActiveDataOnline.Forums.dll is the business layer component of Active Data Online's WebForum application, it can be acquired separately and used with other components to create a different, more customised message board. ActiveDataOnline.Forums.dll exposes a range of classes and methods that any novice or intermediate programmer can use. This component is ideal for those wanting to create their own ASP.NET or WinFo.....

Create Graphs, Send E-Mail, Spell-Check, and More     
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As developers, we work with raw data on a daily basis, be it XML, the results from a SQL query, or information in a text file. However, most people are not as proficient with raw information. A well-designed and well-placed chart can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to understand the data in a report, especially when studying long-term trends or patterns.
The Microsoft® .NET Framework provides a variety of techniques that enable developers to programmatically create charts, but writin...  Version: 1.3.1     Price: $59.00 / Free Trial  
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Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: is a powerful forum package written by ASP.NET c#,support Access2000 & MS SQL Server 2000 & MySql 4.0.Full source code included....

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