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What's New in SQL Server 2000     
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Subjects covered will include the new data types, cascading DRI, user defined functions, INSTEAD OF triggers, XML, distributed views, and new and improved tools such as the TSQL debugger in the Query Analyzer and the Copy Database wizard......

XML, Webservices, and the .NET Framework     
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Ever wanted to know what .Net is? This article is written by the XML architect and the lead product manager for Web services and the .NET Framework at Microsoft!...

What's New in VB.NET?     
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Visual Basic developers need to get ready for the biggest transition they have ever had to make. The next edition of VB (probably called Visual Basic.NET) is designed to make web development as drag and drop easy as Visual Basic 1 made Windows development...

ASP+ Basics     
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ASP+ introduces a new way of coding that will be familiar to VB or DHTML programmers but a little alien to developers who have only coded in script languages...

Introduction to ASP+     
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ASP is released in late 1996, which came as an Add On to IIS 3.0. Then Microsoft released ASP 2.0 as part of Windows NT 4.0 Option pack. It is just an option for the user to install ASP or not. The only major difference from ASP 1.0 is that the components can be run out of process from ASP Applications in ASP 2.0. The next version of ASP i.e. ASP 3.0 came along with Windows 2000, COM+, IIS 5.0. And there is no much difference compared to its previous version....

Introduction to ASP+     
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Sample chapter from 'A preview of Active Server Pages+' by Wrox Press....

C# Introduction and Overview     
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C# is a modern, object-oriented language that enables programmers to quickly and easily build solutions for the Microsoft .NET platform. The framework provided allows C# components to become XML Web services that are available across the Internet, from any application running on any platform....

Sharp New Language: C# Offers the Power of C++ and Simplicity of Visual Basic     
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Many developers wish there was a language that was easy to write, read, and maintain like Visual Basic, but that still provided the power and flexibility of C++. For those developers, the new C# language is here. Microsoft has built C# with type-safety, garbage collection, simplified type declarations, versioning and scalability support, and lots of other features that make developing solutions faster and easier, especially for COM+ and Web Services. This article gives you a first look at C.....

SOAP in the Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio.NET     
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The Microsoft® .NET Framework and Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET take advantage of XML and SOAP technologies to allow developers to create solutions with reach. SOAP is a simple and lightweight protocol with wide industry support. It is useful and usable for a wide variety of applications. SOAP and the .NET Frameworks are an easy and natural fit. SOAP was designed from the ground up to be an extremely simple protocol that can be implemented in a variety of ways for a variety of diff.....

XHTML Quick Reference     
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To understand the future importance of XHTML, you first need to understand the current importance of HTML....

Developer's Guide to the Favorites Service     
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The Favorites Service is a licensed Web Service whose Web Service interface is broken into three subservices: the Logon Web Service, the Account Web Service, and the Report Web Service. All three services can be accessed using standard Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) requests over HTTP (or HTTPS in the case of the Logon Web Service). We will take a look at each of these services, as well as the licensing system for using the Favorites Service.


Getting Started with Visual Basic.NET     
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This sample application demonstrates how to build a simple VB.NET project that implements the QuickSort algorithm. It covers the basic components of a VB.NET program, reading/writing to the console and files, creating functions, and using basic arrays....

Understanding Memory management in the .NET Framework     
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Thanks to Microsoft's .NET, we don't need to worry about memory management in our applications at all! But we still need to take a close look at what is happening with memory management in .NET runtime environment though. Here is why: though memory management in .NET is completely hidden from developers, there are some Dos and Don'ts that we should know about Garbage Collection so that we can keep our applications up to their best performance. In this article, we will look at the Garbage Co.....

Overview of Microsoft .NET Framework     
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This presentation focuses on the .NET Framework the platform for building integrated, service orientated applications to meet the needs of today's Internet businesses. From Web Forms and ASP+, to Web Services, deployment, and configuration...

Introducing ADO .NET     
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ADO .NET is an evolutionary improvement to Microsoft® ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO) that provides platform interoperability and scalable data access. Because Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the format for transmitting data, any application that can read the XML format can process data. In fact, the receiving component need not be an ADO .NET component at all. It might be a Microsoft Visual Studio®-based solution or any application running on any platform....

Leverage the .NET Framework with Visual Basic .NET     
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Using the .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual Basic® developers can build robust applications that were very difficult to write in previous versions of Visual Basic. This paper will discuss the benefits of using the .NET Framework, and will cover some of the powerful features Visual Basic developers can leverage with the framework, including multithreading and thread pooling, Windows Services, and file system monitoring....

C# Introduction     
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According to Microsoft (MS) C# is, "C# is a simple, modern, object oriented, and type-safe programming language derived from C and C++. C# (pronounced “C sharp”) is firmly planted in the C and C++ family tree of languages, and will immediately be familiar to C and C++ programmers. C# aims to combine the high productivity of Visual Basic and the raw power of C++."...

How To Learn C#: A Roadmap to Success in Getting Started with C# Programming     
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So you are interested in programming in C# (pronounced "C Sharp"). Getting started with a new programming language can normally take some effort and time. You need instructions, tools, and good examples to help you get started. In this article, I'll do just that, giving you tips and pointing you in the right direction....

An Introduction to Working with XML in .NET     
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Working with XML in .NET applications is a fairly straightforward process especially if you've used MSXML3 in the past. Even if you haven't worked with MSXML3 you'll find that using the classes found in the .NET platform is easy once you know more about them.


The .NET Show: Visual Studio .NET     
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Check out what Peter Loforte and Rob Copeland have to say about some of the core concepts and enhancements that have been made to the Visual Studio environment. Visual Studio has long been one of the premier development tools for Windows. With the advent of .NET, Visual Studio has evolved to deeply embrace this new programming model. Not only does it provide a great way to develop .NET applications, but it also contains integrated support for the CLR (Common Language Runtime), which allows .....

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