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Whois search using C#     
Total Hits: 158  |  Today: 0Author: Joydeep Ghosh      Rating:  
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Quite often you want to know who owns a given domain. To obtain the registry information, you go to the respective registry and start a so called WHOIS query (lookup). The trick is that you have to know which registry is responsible for which TLD (Top Level Domain). The database is the so called WHOIS database and it has one distinct property: it provides us with a query interface via TCP port 43! And as the .NET framework provides us with the TCPClient class, we can use this interface to direct...

Connecting to a text file using ADO.NET     
Total Hits: 119  |  Today: 0Author: Mike Gold      Rating:  
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After playing around with ADO.NET and getting an important question answered from the ADOGuy site. I was able to piece together how to use ODBC with a text file in .NET. The first step is to create a Data Source Name (DSN) in order to connect through ODBC. This can be done by bringing up the ODBC Drivers Administration tool through the control panel:...

C# - Native SQL Provider Sample Speed Tests     
Total Hits: 102  |  Today: 0Author: Robbe D. Morris      Rating:  
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Like many software engineers, Rober D.Morris endeavor to make the transition from advanced development using Microsoft's COM environment to the fun and exciting .NET Framework (especially C#). This transition has proved to be more complex than he had originally thought. Thus, he has opted to try and isolate key portions of C# (like data access) and focus his energies at becoming well versed in these areas and worry about moving onto more advanced (although less often used) aspects of the langu...

Buiding the Middle Tire in Microsoftm . net Framework     
Total Hits: 169  |  Today: 0Author: Mike Griffin      Rating:  
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This article assumes a working knowledge of ADO.NET, and examines it and its influence on the middle tier. It introduces a fictitious business model and lists some requirements to help us focus on the middle tier. It also introduces a new mechanism called SQLData, which combines both the ADO.NET DataSet and the ADO.NET DataReader into a single mechanism....

Automatic Generated DataGrid Commands     
Total Hits: 257  |  Today: 0Author: Levent Camlibel      Rating:  
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This article illustrates how to update, insert, and delete in the windows DataGrid control by using automatic generated commands. There are two main functions which handle retrieving and manipulating data. To manipulate data in DataGrid, you have to create commands for them....

HOW TO: Update a Database from a DataSet Object by Using Visual C# .NET     
Total Hits: 4405  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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DataSet objects, a key part of data access in the Microsoft .NET Framework, are in-memory objects that can hold tables, views, and relationships. This article demonstrates how to take a DataSet that contains data (which is loaded from a database), how to modify that data, and then how to send it back to the database to update the original source....

Accessing an access database using ADO     
Total Hits: 1203  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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This program shows how access an access database using ADO. I have an Access 2000 database in project\bin\debug directory. My database name is mcTest.MDB. You can create your own database and copy in your project's debug directory. I am not attaching database with this code because of size problem....

Simple ADO Database Read, Insert, Update and Delete using C#.     
Total Hits: 1861  |  Today: 0Author: John McTainsh      Rating:  
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Accessing databases is a common part of most applications and with the introduction of C# and ADO.NET, has become quite simple. This article will demonstrate the four most basic database operations....

A Simple DB Access Component in C# and an ASP .NET Client.     
Total Hits: 989  |  Today: 0Author: Yateen      Rating:  
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We all use Components and Database these days. Hence I thought why not make a generic component which everybody can use. Yes, you can actually use this component for database access. You can connect to any database with a valid connection string and pass any valid SQL statement....

Accessing Data From SQL Server     
Total Hits: 822  |  Today: 0Author: Subhagata Swarnakar      Rating:  
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The ADO.NET components have been designed to factor data access from data manipulation. There are two central components of ADO.NET that accomplish this: the DataSet, and the .NET data provider, which is a set of components including the Connection, Command, DataReader, and DataAdapter objects. Under ADO.NET, the functionality of the Recordset has been split into three groups....

Accessing Data Using System.OleDb     
Total Hits: 508  |  Today: 0Author: Bryan Keller      Rating:  
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This simple application demonstrates several aspects of object-oriented programming in C#. It builds a simple class called "Batters" with several fields and then populates their values by retrieving data from an Access Database. In my research on how to retrieve data using System.OleDb I found that there wasn't any one help file that demonstrated how to put it all together. I hope this helps....

Accessing Oracle Database     
Total Hits: 738  |  Today: 0Author: Srinivas Kandru      Rating:  
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This source code shows you how to connect to an oracle database and do operations such as select, insert, update and delete....

Counting Records in an SQL Table     
Total Hits: 377  |  Today: 0Author: G.F.Weis (Gfw)      Rating:  
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C# Class Generator and realized that we had no way to get a count of the number of records in the table. In the past we have used the DataAdapter class - easy, but not very efficient. we ran accross a post on one of the discussion forums and decided to build a new function in our class generator appropriately named RecordCount. The function returns an 'int' with the number of records in the table....

Code Generator in C#     
Total Hits: 858  |  Today: 0Author: G.F.Weis (Gfw)      Rating:  
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The C# Class Generator creates a C# class from a SQL database table. The class will have private variables and public properties for each database column. Also created are the database Add,Update, Select, Delete and RecordCount functions. The Add function will automatically set the Class Id column based on the @@identity value. Limitaitions include the necessity if having the first database column named 'Id' and setting its properties to autoincrement....

SharpHSQL - An SQL engine written in C#     
Total Hits: 520  |  Today: 0Author: Mark Tutt      Rating:  
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NET! C#! If you haven't been inundated with the marketing of Microsoft's new initiatives, you've been living in your cube without a web connection for quite a while. Like a lot of developers, I had installed the .NET SDK and the Beta 1 of Visual Studio .NET and played with it. However, since its release was so far out in the future and I had deadlines to meet, I soon went back to working with the things my customers needed now.....

Data Binding in C#     
Total Hits: 1626  |  Today: 0Author: Matthew Reynolds      Rating:  
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ADO.NET, the database connectivity library included with the .NET Framework, provides powerful ways of working with data from all kinds of data sources. Underpinning most of the ADO.NET functionality is XML.In this exercise, Matthew Reynolds takes a look at working with XML and Data Binding. Specifically, he shows how we can create an application that lets us store a small database of Web sites in an XML file on disk....

Creating Data Bound Controls     
Total Hits: 951  |  Today: 0Author: Matthew Reynolds      Rating:  
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In this article, Matthew Reynolds takes a look at how to build Windows Forms controls that support data binding. You’re probably already familiar with how to use data binding with Windows Forms controls supplied with the Framework, but what you may not be familiar with is how to create your own controls that have this functionality. This article will show you how....

Is there any need of Boxing and Unboxing?     
Total Hits: 395  |  Today: 0Author: G.Gnana Arun Ganesh      Rating:  
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With Boxing and unboxing one can link between value-types and reference-types by allowing any value of a value-type to be converted to and from type object. Boxing and unboxing enables a unified view of the type system wherein a value of any type can ultimately be treated as an object. Converting a value type to reference type is called Boxing.Unboxing is an explicit operation.In this article let us see would we really need to box a data type?...

C# DB Connection With Beta 2     
Total Hits: 720  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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If you are using Beta 2, then try this code to connect to your SQL server. Some words about connect string: Persist Security Info can not be omitted.Data Source is your SQL server name, not ODBC DNS name!(if you run SQL locally, put
your cursor over the icon on system toolbar , you will see "\\XXXXX", that XXXXX is your server name)....

HOW TO: Connect to a Database and Run a Command Using ADO .NET and C# .NET (Q306636)     
Total Hits: 1531  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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This article describes how to use ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) .NET to connect to a database and run a command....

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