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HOW TO: Catch Exceptions in Visual C# .NET     
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Catching and dealing with exceptions is a standard programming task. This article demonstrates how to use a try-catch-finally block to catch an exception. A try-catch-finally block is a "wrapper" that you put around any code where the possibility of an exception exists....

How to: Implement Events in Your Class  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
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The following procedures describe how to implement an event in a class. The first procedure implements an event that does not have associated data; it uses the classes System..::.EventArgs and System..::.EventHandler for the event data and delegate handler. The second procedure implements an event with custom data; it defines custom classes for the event data and the event delegate handler....

C# Preprocessing Directives     
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Preprocessor directives are instructions to the C# compiler to perform some action during compilation. There is no equivalent functionality in Java. The term preprocessor directive is misleading because the compilation process does not include a preprocessing step, but the term is a legacy of C/C++ and has remained to avoid confusion....

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