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FIX: Updates Do Not Replicate to Subscriber After Drop or Add of Columns     
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Updates to columns may not replicate to subscribers, or may replicate incorrectly, under the following two conditions:
  • Columns are dropped and added from the article such that the column IDs in the syscolumns system table are not contiguous.
  • Transact-SQL commands, as opposed to stored procedures, are used to replicate changes to subscribers.

PRB: Unexpected Warning About Eliminating NULLs from Aggregate (Q317312)     
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If you run a query that contains an aggregate function in the subquery, and if the subquery returns a non-NULL column, it may be possible for the query as a whole to generate the following warning message:Msg 8153 Warning: Null value is eliminated by an aggregate or other SET operation....

FIX: User Defined Function Returns Incorrect Result for SELECT Statement with DEFAULT Keyword That References a View (Q308826)     
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SQL Server 2000 returns incorrect results if you use the DEFAULT keyword with a user defined function (UDF) in a SELECT statement that references a view.


FIX: Incorrect Results Return When You Query a Virtual Cube (Q309181)     
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There are two issues regarding virtual cubes and incorrect results returned from a Multidimensional Expression (MDX). The first issue is when you use the NON EMPTY keyword in a MDX query against a virtual cube and that virtual cube has fewer levels then one of the underlying cubes. The MDX query returns incorrect or empty values. The second issue is if you have a security role defined for a dimension with server side enforcement. If you then query a virtual cube that has the dimension as part of...

FIX: AUTO-SHRINK Option or DBCC SHRINKDATABASE May Slow Down SQL Server 2000 Performance (Q296386)     
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If a database is full or nearly full, and a large number of the tables in the database do not have clustered indexes, the AUTO-SHRINK database option or DBCC SHRINKDATABASE command may cause severe performance degradation for SQL Server 2000. The performance may degrade to the point where queries do not return results in a timely fashion. It takes longer for new connections to connect, resulting in connection timeouts. SQL Server 2000 may appear to stop responding (hang)....

BUG: xp_sendmail With @query Leaves Temporary Files on Server (Q151545)     
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If xp_sendmail is run with a query and @attach_results is true, temporary files are left in the System32 directory where Microsoft Windows NT is installed....

FIX: Query Method Used to Access Data May Allow Rights that the Login Might Not Normally Have (Q299717)     
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Logins that use the SQL Server Authentication (Standard) security mode with a particular query method used to access data from an OLE-DB data source may allow rights that the login might not normally have....

BUG: ATL OLE DB Provider Fails When Called from SQL 7.0 Query (Q198520)     
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SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000 provide a mechanism for performing distributed queries against an OLE DB provider. This can be done by using the new OpenQuery or OpenRowset function. For example,the following SQL statement performs a query against an OLE DB provider called MyProv by using the command...

FIX: SQL Server 2000 ODBC Driver Fails to Return SQL Server 7.0 Server Names (Q299765)     
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From a client computer that has Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.6 and SQL Server ODBC Driver version 2000.80.194, if you try to retrieve all of the server names by calling the SQLBrowseConnect() ODBC API function, you will not receive any SQL Server 7.0 (or earlier) server names. You will only receive the SQL Server 2000 server list....

FIX: Combination of GROUP BY with HAVING Clause and LEFT OUTER JOIN with Derived Table Produces Incorrect Result (Q308458)     
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If all of the following conditions are true for a query, extra rows may return for certain data sets:
  • You include GROUP BY and HAVING clauses.

  • You use a LEFT OUTER JOIN.

  • You incorporate derived tables.

  • You use an aggregate.

FIX: SSCE:Temp File Directory Property Allows You to Change the Temp Database Location for SQL Server CE (Q305349)     
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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition version 1.1 (SQL Server CE) creates a temporary database that it uses for storing temporary data.Several SQL Server CE users have large databases that create large volumes of temporary data during synchronization. Large databases cause the SQL Server CE application to fail because of insufficient storage space on the default storage device for both the main database file and the temporary database file....

FIX: ADO Returns No Resultset for Prepared Parameterized Query Involving CHAR Data with SQLOLEDB (Q311313)     
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ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) may return no data with the SQLOLEDB provided under the following conditions:
  • The Prepared property on the command object is set to TRUE.

  • The query has a parameterized LIKE clause.

  • The column included with the LIKE clause is defined as CHAR (and not as VARCHAR) at the back end.

  • The parameter value has fewer characters than the back-end column size.

  • You are connecting to either a Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000 database. If it is a SQL Server 2000 database, the Defer Prepare property is set to FALS..Read More..

FIX: SQL Server Driver Fails to Connect over TCP/IP Using Three Parameters in Address Keyword (Q311836)     
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A connection to a back-end SQL Server database may fail with the following error:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]ConnectionOpen (Connect()).[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. This error occurs under the following conditions:
  • You are using the Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server 2000 that comes with Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.6, 2.6 SP1, 2.6 SP2, or 2.7.

  • The TCP/IP protocol is used; in other words, the Network keyword is set to DBMSSOCN.

  • The Address keyword ..Read More..

FIX: Log Reader Agent Fails with 18767 and 18762 Error Messages (Q316783)     
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The Log Reader Agent may fail with the following error messages: The specified begin LSN (%ls) for replication log scan occurs before replbeginlsn (%ls). (Source: (Data source); Error number: 18767)-or-Invalid begin LSN (%ls) for commit record (%ls). Check DBTABLE. (Source: (Data source); Error number: 18762)...

BUG: UPDATE Trigger May Have Long Parse and Compile Time (Q315967)     
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When you modify data in a table with a trigger, it may take longer to compile in SQL Server 2000 than in Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 under the following conditions:
  • The trigger contains an UPDATE statement.

  • The UPDATE statement contains a JOIN clause.

  • Three (3) or more tables are listed in the JOIN clause.

  • Either the INSERTED or DELETED tables are listed in the JOIN clause.

The compile time varies depending on:
  • The number of tables involved in the JOIN.

  • The number of columns in each table.

  • The number of..Read More..

FIX: Setup to Named Instance of SQL Server 2000 Fails with General Network Error (Q317261)     
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When you install SQL Server 2000 as a named instance and create an alias for that instance (which can be seen on the Alias tab in the SQL Server Client Network Utility), the installation of SP1 on that instance may sometimes fail with the following error message: Setup failed to configure the server. Refer to the server error logs and C:\WINNT\sqlstp.log for more information.The following error message is also seen:Error running script: sp1_serv_uni.sql (1)When the error occurs, the following error message is logged in the Sp1_serv_uni.out file for a SQL Server 2000 SP1 installation, and in Sq..Read More..

BUG: SQL Server 2000 Evaluation Edition Fails to Extract (Q316046)     
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You cannot extract the files in the SQL Server 2000 Evaluation version that you download from the Web site if the free disk space on your hard drive is less than 500 MB above a multiple of 4 GB.For example, if the free space on your hard drive is between 4 GB and 4.5 GB, or 8 GB and 8.5 GB, or 12 GB and 12.5GB, and so on, the following error message occurs after you run Sqleval.exe: There is not enough space on drive C:\ to extract this package. Please free up 515.82MB and click Retry....

FIX: SP1 Regression: Running FREETEXT Queries May Cause a MS Search Resource Leak (Q308718)     
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Execution of full-text queries with the FREETEXT predicate may cause a memory leak over time in the MS Search process. In testing, under high stress with a large number of full-text queries, the memory leak was approximately 200 KB over 35 hours....

FIX: GetExecutionErrorInfo and OnError Event May Not Return All Errors (Q251229)     
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When a Data Transformation Service (DTS) Package step fails, the OnError event and the GetExecutionErrorInfo method may not provide all the error messages, even though the DTS Wizard, DTSRun tool, and the Designer UI report the full error detail....

Q193228 - PRB: Too Many Arguments Supplied for Procedure sp_MShelpcolumns     
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When adding Design-Time Controls (DTCs) such as the Grid Control, the following dialog box appears when selecting a table: ADO error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Too many arguments supplied for procedure sp_MShelpcolumns
CAUSE: Visual InterDev 6.0 controls use this stored procedure to populate the drop- down boxes of the control with data from the recordset, such as Table and field names from the database. Visual InterDev 6.0 controls use the newer version of this s...

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