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INF: Troubleshooting SQLMail with Microsoft Exchange Server     
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You can use certain basic troubleshooting techniques to diagnose and
resolve most SQLMail problems. Typically, errors in starting a SQLMail
session or sending mail from SQLMail with a Microsoft Exchange Server fall into two categories: permissions problems and Exchange client setup problems. SQLMail functionality is documented in the "Books Online" for version 6.x. These should be thoroughly reviewed before using SQLMail....

HOW TO: Send E-Mail Without Using SQL Mail in SQL Server     
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SQL Mail provides an easy way to send and read e-mail from SQL Server. However, because SQL Mail is a Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) application, a MAPI subsystem must be present on the server. Microsoft Windows 2000 does not provide a MAPI
subsystem (Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 installs a MAPI subsystem when you install Windows Messaging). Therefore, in order to use SQL Mail, you must install a MAPI client such as Microsoft Outlook....

How to setup SQL Server alerts and email operator notifications     
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Setting up an alert to e-mail an operator with a message is a multiple step process. You can setup database mail, define an operator and an alert, but still no e-mail is being sent. So how do you send an alert to an operator? First setup database mail with a profile named SQLAlerts. The profile can be named anything but in these instructions, the profile name SQLAlerts is referenced. If you wish to use a different profile name just substitute accordingly. For procedures in setting up database ma...

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