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Logins Made with ASP.NET     
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Login forms can be seen just about everywhere on this vast Internet of ours, and they play a crucial role. The login form is the single most widely used method of identifying a user to retrieve specific data for them in dynamic applications.The object of this article is to explore how a simple login system would be created using with

Accessing and Manipulating XML Data in .NET     
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This series of articles shall examine how we can access and manipulate XML data using VB.NET and SQLServer. In particular we shall be looking at the following:...

[How to:] Create an icon in taskbar and add handler to the icon     
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We may use the NotifyIcon Component to create an icon for the project. We may also use ContextMenu Component to show a menu when we right click to the icon. This article demonstrates how to build an icon in the taskbar in Visual Basic .NET....

Where's my App.Path in VB.NET?     
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The APP Object no longer exists in VB.NET, so calling App.Path to get the location of your application does not work. Thankfully there are many other ways to do this in VB.NET, here are a few....

File Handling Methods in VB.NET  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
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If the file exists the after execution it will display 'File is present' in debug window.

There are many more methods. I have included the most commonly used methods....

Multiple Forms in VB.NET. - Accessing Controls and Data on the StartUp Form     
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In previous articles, we looked at some common problems that seem to have caused problems for many newcomers to VB.NET. In this article we will take a look at a specific area which appears to contribute more than its fair share of grief to many people in the early days of the .NET learning curve. As with all the previous articles, this one is aimed squarely at .NET Newbies and tries to provide explanation and solutions with the least possible amount of techno-speak. Inevitably this sometimes mea...

Planning Form Layout in VB.NET     
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Benny Mathew demonstrates some new features in, designing fairly complicated forms, which can resize, using anchors, docks and panels with a dash of code....

Working with Toolbox Controls     
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In this chapter, you’ll learn how to display information in a text box, work with date and time information on your system, process user input, and display a Web page within a Visual Basic .NET program. The exercises in this chapter will help you design your own Visual Basic applications and will teach you more about objects, properties, and program code. You’ll also learn how to add older ActiveX controls to the Toolbox so that you can extend the functionality of Visual Basic....

Watching Folder Activity in VB.NET     
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Ever wanted to write application, which constantly monitors a folder and raised events when there is any activity in that folder. In the good old days using VB6 or older version you had to use windows APIs to do something like this, which was not very simple and required lots of coding....

The LogonUser API     
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The Windows Authentication prompt can often be an intimidating dialog for users. It asks for two or three things: username, password, and sometimes domain. Users may (and should) know their network username and password combination, but how many of them know the name of the domain their account is kept on? To make matters more complex, depending on the operating system and browser version, the domain entry box isnt shown. In this case, users need to prefix their username with DomainName\:...

HOW TO: Provide File Drag-and-Drop Functionality in a Visual Basic .NET Application      
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The step-by-step procedure in this article demonstrates how to provide file drag-and-drop functionality in a Visual Basic .NET application. A ListBox control is used as the destination of the file drag-and-drop procedure.

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