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Passing Data Between Forms     
Total Hits: 843  |  Today: 0Author: Thiagarajan Alagasamy      Rating:  
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Some of you would have faced a scenario where you wanted to pass data from one form to another in WinForms. Honestly, I too had a similar problem (that’s why I am writing this article!). There are so many methods (How many? I don’t know) to pass data between forms in windows application. In this article let me take four important (easiest) ways of accomplishing this....

HOW TO: Set a Windows Hook in Visual C# .NET (Q318804)     
Total Hits: 2035  |  Today: 0Author: MSDN      Rating:  
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This article describes how to set a hook that is specific to a thread and to a hook procedure by using the mouse hook as an example. You can use hooks to monitor certain types of events. You can associate these events with a specific thread or with all of the threads in the same desktop as a calling thread....

Web Forms User Controls     
Total Hits: 381  |  Today: 0Author: stanleytan      Rating:  
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Web forms user controls allow a programmer to encapsulate portions of a Web site into reusable controls. It also allows HTML designers to package common UI functionality into a single control. Moreover, user controls provide developers a completely object-oriented model in which to work with.

With the advent of user controls, the ASP.NET model allows programmers and HTML designers to work simultaneously without interfering with each other. Traditionally, application logic would be embedde...

Basic Tool for Removing Comments from Source Files     
Total Hits: 142  |  Today: 0Author: Samuel Moura.      Rating:  
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Comments play a big role in today's software development, the more people you work with the more comments you should place in strategic points of your code explaining overall logic behind the code. This helps people to faster achieve results when tracking bugs, implementing additional features, etc.
As usable as comments can be they serve you most while developing, you might want to remove them from your deployment version. Being these annotations embedded on a SQL Script, a HTML page or a CS...

WinForms Data Validation     
Total Hits: 415  |  Today: 0Author: Chris Sells      Rating:  
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You should never trust your users, or at least don’t trust the data that they enter. They may not give you all the data that you need. They may not give you data in the correct format. List boxes, radio buttons and all of the other controls that give users choices all do so to make sure that the provide data in the correct format. However, sometimes you need to validate more free-form data entry, like what a user types into a text box. The Validating will be called when moving focus from a contr...

A Template for C# Windows Applications     
Total Hits: 435  |  Today: 0Author: Budi Kurniawan      Rating:  
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A Windows application normally comes with some standard features: controls, menus, one or more toolbars, and a status bar with one or more panels. Every time you start to write a new Windows application, you often start with the same ritual: creating the above components and adding event handlers for them. You can save several hours of work if you work from a template that already defines these standard components....

How To Swap Top-Level Forms     
Total Hits: 447  |  Today: 0Author: CodeGuru      Rating:  
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Learn to implement a specialized ApplicationContext that allows the application to close the current top-level form and replace it with a different one...

Interactive Shaped Forms     
Total Hits: 732  |  Today: 0Author: Jibin Pan      Rating:  
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This Demo show how to create shaped form and customized buttons using the Region, GraphicsPath and picture class. It also demonstrates using the picture control to display animated pictures....

Building Basic Mobile Web Forms     
Total Hits: 503  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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ASP.NET enables developers to do a lot of things with ease. Bind data to HTML Table output (DataGrid, DataList, Repeater), maintain state, and build Mobile Web Forms.

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