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Visual Studio Magazine     
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Companion website to Visual Studio Magazine. Contains articles, archives, reusable code, interviews, and more. Covers Visual Studio, Visual Basic, XML, ASP.NET, SQL, C#, Visual C++....

Navigate the .NET Framework and Your Projects with "My"     
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I set out to write this article about Visual Basic® 2005, but that left too many things to choose from. I could wander through the entire feature list, giving you a bit of information on cool IDE features like Edit and Continue, IntelliSense® Code Snippets, or the Exception Assistant; skim over the advanced language enhancements like generics, partial classes, and unsigned types; and barely touch on all the cool Microsoft® .NET Framework enhancements around Windows® Forms, data binding, ClickOnc...

.NET Magazine Website     
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Interested in learning about Microsoft's .NET strategy, servers, tools, case studies, etc.? .NET Magazine has launched a companion website covering all aspects of .NET.

XML Magazine Website     
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Companion website to XML Magazine devoted to the lastest information about using XML for enterprise level developments. Pragmatic techniques for developing with XML, cutting-edge analysis of industry trends, independent product reviews, source code examples and much more....

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