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Why is xp_cmdshell disabled?     
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As you are getting up to speed with SQL Server 2005, you might notice that scripts using master.dbo.xp_cmdshell no longer work. This change is by design and is part of Microsoft's overall "secure by default" approach. However, the error message is not very helpful in solving the problem, as there is no magic switch in Management Studio to enable this feature. To turn xp_cmdshell functionality back on, use the sa account or another administrator....

SQL Server Yukon FAQ     
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This is a compiled list of Yukon Frequently Asked Questions on the recently released version of the Microsoft SQL Server called "Yukon" beta....

Onstop, Connecting to SQL with ASP, Hiding Images, Passing Values from a Control  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
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Starting with Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0, your client-side code can trap the onstop event. This will let you know when the user clicks the Stop button, hits the Escape key, or when the page is being unloaded....

File Validation with xp_fileexist     
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In a recent tip (Accessing the Windows File System from SQL Server) options were outlined to capture files from a specific directory into a temporary table or table variable for additional processing. A similar file operations task that is needed in particular T-SQL code is to validate a specific file exists or not. Then logic can be written to either process the file, retry at a specific interval or fail the process. As such, how can this be accomplished and can you provide me with some conc...

How do I change password policies in SQL Server 2005?     
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An error about password policy has been causing some confusion among users. Most are trying to find an option within SQL Server itself to manage password policies, when in fact this is coming from Windows. When you create a SQL Server login, the server will validate the password against the password policy of the local machine....

What version of SQL Server 2005 do I have?     
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There are several different flavors of SQL Server 2005 floating around. Note that there is no longer going to be a push toward a milestone like "Beta 3," so don't be watching for it. Microsoft has adopted a CTP-only approach that will be in place for the remainder of the beta period. As for specific build numbers, I have tried to maintain a mapping table, and while it has all of the public releases, it only shows some of the versions that were distributed to smaller audiences, such as TAP custom...

How do I manage / connect to SQL Server Express?     
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Microsoft has released a trmmed-down version of Management Studio, called Management Studio Express. You can download it from Microsoft Downloads. If you're brave, feel free to download the recent CTP of the tool, I just can't really tell you yet whether anything worthwhile has been added or, more importantly, if anything useful has become broken....

Another Recruiter Asks a SQL Question     
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"How can you retrieve the first n number of fields using sql statement withought using field names?" ex. Table A contains 50 fields and I want to select first 10 fields. I don't want to mention all the 10 fields name. I love these questions! We dealt with a recruiter question once before and had fun with it. This is the first recruiter question since then so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'll tell you how I came up with a solution built entirely on articles published on SQLTeam! Let's see if any...

Dates in SQL Server     
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"Can i get system date in sql stmnts directly thru any function? and I want to take a date from the html form and wish to pass on to the stored procedure where the value is inserted. Let's start with the easiest one first. You can use the GETDATE() function to return the date and time of the server....

Troubleshooting Connections, Using Variables, And More     
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I have been unable to connect to my server via Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer, either by SQL Server™ login or network login (I am an administrator on that server, and usually I'll log in using my network credentials). The server is definitely running since the Web sites that interact with it are functioning correctly. What might be wrong? There are a number of things you can try. If you recently upgraded the server to SP1 of Windows Server™ 2003, or did an upgrade to a more recent build of...

SQL Server Metadata     
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Frequently when I am working on a project, I must find the name of a particular field in a table in SQL Server™ 2000. Other times I must find the exact name of a field and table in which it is located. Still other times I need to get the datatype of a particular field. How can I accomplish these tasks easily?
When I've needed the name of a field or a field's datatype, I've often opened the table I thought it was in and gone poking around. This process is not very efficient because the fields ...

Frequently Asked SQL Server Interview Question in Industry     
Total Hits: 672  |  Today: 0Author: Shivprasad Koirala      Rating:  
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This is a complete list of frequently asked interview questions extracted from two books .NET Interview questions and SQL Server Interview questions....

Using CASE with Orderby Clause     
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Dynamically ordering a result set based on the evaluation of a CASE expression is a powerful technique for ordering your data. The following example shows some possible loopholes or pitfalls and explains how using multiple CASE statements can help you get the results you want. CASE expression by itself is powerful and helps you do a number of operations. I would take each section of using case....

SQL Server 2005 OnLine Piecemeal Restore     
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To provide greater flexibility for large DB scenarios, a new feature of SQL Server 2005 called OnLine Piecemeal Restore allows us to use specific filegroup backups to create a smaller work database containing only the data we wish to restore. By placing tables (including individual partitions of partitioned tables) on specific filegroups, we can devise a granular backup and restore strategy where part of a database such as a table or even a single partition of a partitioned table, can be restor...

SQL Server FAQ on programming, designing, administration, tools, replication     
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Solutions to commonly and frequently asked SQL Server related questions....

SQL Query Optimization FAQ Part 1 (The SQL Plan)  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 47  |  Today: 0Author: Shivprasad koirala      Rating:  
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In this article we first try to understand what is a SQL plan, how is it created and then we will move towards understanding how to read the SQL plan. As we read the SQL plan we will try to understand different operators like table scan, index scan clustered scan etc. As we understand the logic of these operators we will also try to understand what are the best practices in different situations....

Fixes Ferret Out SQL Server Bugs     
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Microsoft Corp. has put out hot fixes for two known bugs in its SQL Server database software.

The first bug is explained in a Microsoft online article entitled "FIX: Cannot Remove Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine After You Upgrade to MSDE 2000 SP2". According to the article, users who originally used a particular build of MSDE and then upgraded to MSDE 2000 SP2 (Service Pack 2) cannot remove MSDE 2000 from their computers....

How do I remove previous versions of SQL Server 2005 / Whidbey?     
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Well, going to Add/Remove Programs and removing each element in the way the readme files suggest doesn't always work. Basically, you use this MSIINV.exe tool to output to a text file, all the GUIDs for products that are installed. Then you can manually uninstall the offending programs, one by one, using MSIEXEC /X. When I ran it, I had the following programs still installed, even though I had removed them using Add/Remove Programs....

What happened to the "Open Table" feature?     
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In Query Analyzer and Enterprise Manager, you can right-click a table and choose "Open [Table]" ... this allows you to add a row without using an INSERT command, or modify existing data without using an UPDATE command. When the first few editions of SQL Server Management Studio were released, the feature was missing, and this was met by a very loud outcry from a few individuals. With the new December CTP that was released last week, the feature is back, along with several others that were noted ...

How do I view the code for system objects?     
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In the early betas of SQL Server 2005, system objects were hidden away in the MSSQLSystemResource database. Regular stored procedures like sp_helptext and sp_help did not work against the system objects that we were used to peeking at to learn some of the underlying aspects of SQL Server. More importantly, you can easily scan through the names of system objects that might otherwise be unknown....

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