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An Alexa Site Data Utility Class     
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Alexa has been around for quite some time, and provides a lot of information about sites that rank in it's "Top 100,000" list, as determined by the visiting habits of the thousands of geeks who happily wear the Alexa Toolbar on their browsers. Many SEO "experts" say that Alexa data is skewed, and they may very well be correct. However, the fact remains that within the universe of Alexa "contributors" the data is very consistent and still quite valuable....

DinkIT ExplorerBar.NET  Version: 1.0     Price: $62.10 / Free Trial  
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Add the latest GUI design to your .NET application with this fully customizable, 100% native .NET ExplorerBar component. Add Microsoft Windows XP style Explorerbars to your .NET applications, and run them on any platform, supported by the .NET framework. Use the Built in designers and edtors to fully customize any aspect of your control including enhanced support for color schemes....

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