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Working with DATEDIFF () function in SQL Server 2008 using PL/SQL.

Author: Shehzad Hemani

In this simple article you will learn that how to work with DATEDIFF () function in SQL Server using PL/SQL.

 DATEDIFF () is the one of the most commonly used functions of SQL Server. It is use to find out the difference between the two DateTime elements. This function takes three parameters; one is the date part to specify which part of the date is required, second and third are two dates’ variable from which difference has to be calculated.



DATEDIFF (datepart, firstdate, seconddate)


It can be used only with the SELECT command. The syntax for using it with SELECT command



DATEDIFF(datepart, firstdate, seconddate)


Header of Column




declare two datetime variable:


Declare @Date1 datetime

Declare @Date2 datetime


To set date1 with current Date:


Set @Date1 = (SELECT DATE)


And to set Date2 with the date after ten days of the first one


Set @Date2 = (SELECT DATEADD(day, 10,@Date1 ))


Where DATEADD is the function to add a specific number of days to a specific date

Now to get the difference between above declared DateTime variables



DATEDIFF (day, @Date1, @Date2)


Difference Of Days




Difference Of Days



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