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How To Set Tab Order Of Control On Windows Form in .net 3.5.

Author: Zunnair

How To Set Tab Order Of Control On Windows Form in .net 3.5.

 The Tab Order of the controls on a form is the sequence in which they are focused when the Tab key is pressed. By default, the tab order of the controls on a form is according to the order they are placed on the form.


It can be set according to user choice in Tab Order Mode. Tab order mode can be activated by selecting Tab Order in the dropdown menu of View, present on the menu bar. See Figure 1.



Figure 1:    Tab Order in the View drop down menu


Tab Order numbering starts at 0. And any value greater or equal to zero can be assigned to a control. In the Tab Order mode, tab order for every control appears on the left side of control, as mentioned in the figure below.

Figure 2: Tab Order mentioned for each control


If the tab order is not proper, it can be made proper by clicking on the tab order which appears on the left of each control. Click on the control’s tab order in a sequence in which it is required in the tab order.

Figure 3: Tab Order is not in desired one


Figure 4: Tab Order made desired by clicking

on the controls sequentially


It can also be changed from the Properties of a control. While selecting the desired control, open Properties window. In the Behavior menu, TabIndex and TabStop properties are available.




TabIndex shows the selected control’s current order in the Tab Order. It can be changed by writing the desired number (which is required for the control in the tab order), for The TabIndex attribute.



TabStop property is used to determine whether the selected control has been assigned any number in the Tab Order. It can have only one out of two values i.e., true or false. True represents that the selected control is included in the Tab Order whereas if it is not required then its value set to false.


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