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Inheritance feature while working with forms in C# using .Net 2.0

Author: Zunnair

In this article you will find out how you can use the inheritance feature in forms working with C#.

It is used to inherit any basic structure logo or watermark, or any control which is used on more than one forms exactly same.

Note: As in C# there is only single inheritance is allowed therefore, a form can be inherited by only one form.


Suppose this is the basic structure of our application’s moat of the forms. We will design a parent form like this and all other forms which require such structure will be its child forms


 Create a form by right clicking on the project à Add à New Item 



Select Windows Form from the built-in templates, Write name of the form and click Add. 



Drag two buttons and a Label to the form. Change properties. Click on the controls to add code.

To create a child form, again right click on the project àAdd àNew Item

Select Inherited Form from the built-in templates, Write name of the form and click Add.


The new created form will be exactly its parent. It can be modified or more controls can be added to it.





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