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Data Sets Types Understanding using Visual Studio 2005

Author: Zunnair

In this article I will explain the kinds of datasets and their use in our programming

Data Sets are very important Class in dot net framework 2.0. We can use them with respect to the circumstances and domain of the system

There are two types of datasets in dot net framework

1-     Strongly Typed Data Sets

2-     Un typed Data sets

Strongly Typed DataSet

·         It provides additional methods, properties and events and thus it makes it easier to use.

·         You will get type mismatch and other errors at compile time.

·         You will get advantage of intelliSense in VS. NET

·         Performance is slower in case of strongly typed dataset.

·         Typed DataSet has a schema

·         In complex environment, strongly typed dataset's are difficult to administer.

Untyped DataSet

·         It is not as easy to use as strongly typed dataset.

·         You will get type mismatch and other errors at runtime.

·         You can't get an advantage of intelliSense.

·         Performance is faster in case of Untyped dataset.

·         an Untyped DataSet does not have

·         Untyped datasets are easy to administer.

A typed dataset gives us easier access to the contents of the table through strongly typed programming that uses Information from the underlying data schema. A typed DataSet has a reference to an XML schema.

string s = null;

s = dsCustomersOrders1.Customers(0).CustomerID

//In contrast, if we are working with an untyped DataSet, the equivalent code looks like this:

string s = null;

s = _ CType(dsCustomersOrders1.Tables("Customers").Rows(0).Item("CustomerID"), String

I think this article is use full for you in understanding of types of datasets and their characteristics.

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