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Creating Cursor using PL-Sql in Sql Server 2008

Author: Zunnair

In This article I will explain What is cursor, its Types and the way in which we can create Cursor and use it

The main option for a cursor is whether the data is on the client or the server.

·       Client cursors are good for spreading the workload across many workstations.

·       Server cursors are good for lightweight clients who can't afford to cache a large result set. Server cursors do not support multiple result sets or these SQL keywords: COMPUTE, COMPUTE BY, FOR BROWSE, or INTO.

Types of Cursor

  • Forward-Only
  • Static
  • Keyset
  • Dynamic

The syntax for specifying a cursor is dependent on the method for making the cursor. SQL Server supports two possible methods for making cursors: via DECLARE CURSOR or via a DB API. Applications should choose one or the other but not both.

USE pubs


DECLARE authors_cursor CURSOR FOR

SELECT au_lname FROM authors

WHERE au_lname LIKE 'D%'

ORDER BY au_lname


OPEN authors_cursor

FETCH NEXT FROM authors_cursor



   FETCH NEXT FROM authors_cursor


CLOSE authors_cursor

DEALLOCATE authors_cursor



I hope this article will be help full for you and easy to understand.
Article Comments
it is a fine programe which is done by you.
please provide good examples between two oracles

Posted on 6/16/2010 7:50:13 AM by bheema simha

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