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Using Microsoft Notification Services using MS Sql Server 2005 (Part 2)

Author: Zunnair

In this article I will Explain regarding Microsoft Sql Server Notification Services this article consists of two parts, this is (part 2) of this article.

In part 2 of "Microsoft Notification Services using MS Sql Server 2005 " i will explain in more details some part of Notification Services.

Subscribers can choose the events they want to subscribe to, the format of the notifications they want, and even the media they want notifications sent to, and yes they can even choose more than one.









          <FieldTypeMods>not nullFieldTypeMods>





          <FieldTypeMods>not nullFieldTypeMods>





          <FieldTypeMods>not nullFieldTypeMods>








            INSERT INTO WeatherAlerts(SubscriberId,

            DeviceName, SubscriberLocale, City, Name, Class)

            SELECT s.SubscriberId, s.DeviceName, s.SubscriberLocale,

            e.City, e.Name, e.Class

            FROM WeatherData e, WeatherCity s

            WHERE e.City = s.City;







SQL NS comes supporting two notification delivery mediums, file system and SMTP. More can be added as you need them such as direct SMS support if you need it.

As I stated before, SQL NS is very big and this is just an introduction with hopes that more people will become aware of it, and become interested in the many uses that I see in it’s future. It is still in beta but scheduled to release before 2003.

There is also an API available that allows attaching directly to the service and performing actions on and against it. This is well documented in the supplement of “Books Online” that comes with SQL NS.

SQL NS is fully prepared to allow you to handle subscribers from many different nationalities, if you build your service right you can even send different notifications to the same subscriber is multiple languages.

SQL NS takes full advantage of .NET, in fact it is written in C# itself.

SQL NS is pretty big system, and if you want you can spend a lot of time getting to know the internals of it, or you can spend a small amount of time learning to build services, it’s up to you.

I hope this article is helpful for you.

Article Comments
Great work DevASP. This is an excellent article. i would like to know more about Microsoft Notification Services.

Posted on 11/14/2008 2:09:49 PM by Mike

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