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Working with new data type TIME introduced in SQL Server 2008. (SQL Server new features)

Author: Zunnair

In this simple article you will learn that how you can use new TIME data type in sql server 2008.

Sql Server 2008 introduced new data type with name TIME. This new data type just stores the time. The n in TIME (n) defines this level of fractional second precision, from 0 to 7 digits of precision. It stores time with a range of 00:00:00.0000000 through 23:59:59.9999999.




Storage difference:


TIME data type takes only 3-5 bytes for storage depend upon precision you requested. It saves many bytes like if you want to store TIME with less precision.


Internal functions support:

As we know that there are some functions uses for datEtime data type formatting like DATEPART, DATENAME, DATEDIFF, and DATEADD, these function are now supported with new TIME type also.




Declare with different precision levels


0 Precision Level

DECLARE @time_now_0_Prec time(0)


1 Precision Level

DECLARE @time_now_1_Prec time(1)


2 Precision Level

DECLARE @time_now_2_Prec time(2)


3 Precision Level

DECLARE @time_now_3_Prec time(3)


4 Precision Level

DECLARE @time_now_4_Prec time(4)


5 Precision Level

DECLARE @time_now_5_Prec time(5)


6 Precision Level

DECLARE @time_now_6_Prec time(6)


7 Precision Level

DECLARE @time_now_7_Prec time(7)


Value Assignment:


SET @time_now_7_Prec = SYSDATETIME()


Use In T-Sql:


SELECT @time_now_0 as 'Current Time', datalength(@time_now_0) as 'Size in bytes'




Current Time              Size in Bytes

------------------             -----------------

20:01:44.8035344             5


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