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Implementing Filter Effect on an Image.

Author: DevASP
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This article is about that how you can implement a filter effect on an image, making the mist angles change. The filter effect (Blur)in specific would be repeated every 2000 seconds.

Steps you will do.


Start visual studio and create a new web application.


Open the HTML design of your web page and add the following JavaScript functions before closing the head tag.




var Blur = new Array(0,45,90,135,180,255,270,315);

var BlurCounter = 0;


function EffectBlur()




   if (BlurCounter == (Blur.length-1))

     BlurCounter = 0;


    BlurCounter = BlurCounter + 1;

    document.all['imgFocus'].style.filter = "Blur(Add=1,Direction="+Blur[BlurCounter]+",Strength=240)";













Now add the following HTML code to design the layout of your web page.



<BODY bgcolor=#009999>


<IMG SRC="image.gif" ID="imgFocus" NAME="imgFocus" WIDTH="288" HEIGHT="238">

<h3>Dont forget to visit<br>

<a href=""></a>






Note! To change the image to some else your own copy that into the root directory of the project and change the name in the HTML code.


Run your application and see the image effects.




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Implementing Filter Effect on an Image

Posted on 4/6/2007 2:13:36 AM by Senthil Kumar

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