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Creating Console Application to copy Array in C#

Author: DevASP
Download Source Code :

In this simple article we will see that how we Copy an array from another array in console application.

Simply create a C# console application and write simple code in its main function.


//creat first array


Array SimpleArray = Array.CreateInstance( Type.GetType("System.Int32"), 10 );


//intializing array

  SimpleArray.SetValue(5, 0);

  SimpleArray.SetValue(10, 1);

  SimpleArray.SetValue(15, 2);

  SimpleArray.SetValue(20, 3);

  SimpleArray.SetValue(25, 4);           

  SimpleArray.SetValue(30, 5);

  SimpleArray.SetValue(35, 6);

  SimpleArray.SetValue(40, 7);

  SimpleArray.SetValue(45, 8);

  SimpleArray.SetValue(50, 9);           


//create second array

  Array CopiedArray = Array.CreateInstance( Type.GetType("System.Object"), 10 );


//command to copy array

  Array.Copy(SimpleArray, SimpleArray.GetLowerBound(0), CopiedArray, CopiedArray.GetLowerBound(0), 10 );

  int items1 = CopiedArray.GetUpperBound(0);

  Console.WriteLine("Copied Array items");


//to show on the screen

  for ( int i =0; i <= items1; i++ )



    Console.WriteLine("Press Enter To EXIT");


This code show the copied array on the screen.

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